Ashes & Altars

The posts between my hammock creak softly as I sway back and forth. The deep bass music of a passing car mixes with the rustle of the trees and an airplane passing overhead. It's a quiet Tuesday night, and a new familiar feeling keeps nagging me. I'm grateful for the space to heal my body … Continue reading Ashes & Altars


On Loss and Grace and Saying Goodbye

Re-entry, culture shock, the business of moving between countries and cultures... I should have these things "figured out" by now. Since high school graduation, I have lived in 3 countries, worked 9 different jobs, and resided in 7 different houses, trailers, or apartments (not counting short moves like Bible School, temporary living in my friends' … Continue reading On Loss and Grace and Saying Goodbye

On Motorcycles, Malaysia, and Missions

Thanks to the influence of coming from a family of boys, I’ve dreamt of riding/driving a motorcycle ever since I was maybe 12. Finally mustered up enough courage to get my permit last spring, and cruising the back roads nearby was easily a highlight of last summer. Wobbly and unsteady as I was (am), riding … Continue reading On Motorcycles, Malaysia, and Missions

Collaborating: Third Culture Adults and Those Who Are Not

Megan* grew up in three different countries on two continents. She speaks two languages, enjoys pickled chicken feet for a snack, and currently lives half a world away from her family. As a TCK in the early stages of adulthood, she has a very broad outlook on life and the world around her while wrestling … Continue reading Collaborating: Third Culture Adults and Those Who Are Not